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Floor Joint Sealants

Floor Joint sealants are selected according to their future exposure and the potential joint movement capability. All of the construction and expansion joints in a reinforced concrete floor slab and structure require appropriate treatment and sealing as an integral part of any new or refurbishment resin floor painting project.

This sealing of floor construction and movement joints is generally considered and covered in accordance with European Standard EN 1504 Part 9 Principle 1 (Preventing Moisture Ingress), however the materials to be used and details of their installation on site are not currently covered by the current EN 1504 Series of Standards. However it is obvious that if not treated and sealed appropriately with the right joint sealing materials, then any of the joints in a floor can be the source of future problems with further mechanical damage and deterioration due to water ingress likely.

Generally an elastic floor joint sealant should be selected that has sufficient toughness and mechanical strength for the intended traffic and exposure in the area, plus sufficenr elasticity and joint movement capability to accomodate the anticipated level of joint movement, plus a correspondingly low elastic modulus to reduce any stress on the bondline at the sides of the joint to the movement.

Additionally to minimise the potential for error on site and during the sealant should be applied after the resin floor paint and they are best supplied as a one component, ready to use product, to enable fast and efficient joint sealing.

From extensive experience we consider that for most horizontal floor joint sealing application Sikaflex-Pro-3 is an ideal choice as it fulfils all of the above requirements, plus it is self-levelling and compacting into the joints, then it cures quickly to a tough elstic seal that is resistant to traffic, eater ingress and many chemicals that could be used os spilled on the floor in industrial and commercial applications.


Sikaflex Pro-3 is a one part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant with high chemical and mechanical resistance for multi-purpose horizontal floor and concrete slab joints in both indoor and outdoor applications. It is suitable for use in both pedestrian and vehicle trafficked areas such as car parking decks, industrial floors in warehouses and production areas including clean rooms and in the food industry, plus many different types of civil engineering structures.

Sikaflex Pro-3 is also specifically tested and approved for use in waste water and sewage treatment plants and tunnels. It is designed to accomodate joint movement up to 25% and uses Sika's patented bubble-free curing.

Testing and Approvals: Sikaflex Pro-3 conforms to European Standard EN 15651-4 class 25 HM for interior & exterior applications, including cold climate areas. Conforms to ISO 11600 F 25 HM. Sikaflex Pro-3 is tested according to the principals of DIBT for Waste Water Exposure. Sikaflex Pro-3 meets European Standard EMICODE EC1 PLUS R, Classed as havin very low emissions. Sikaflex Pro-3 has the ISEGA Certificate for foodstuff area usage. Sikaflex Pro-3 is DWI Approved for contact with Potable (Drinking) water. Sikaflex Pro-3 is CSM TVOC tested (ISO-6.8) to be biologically resistant, Class: Very good. Sikaflex Pro-3 is resistant to Diesel and Jet Fuel according to DIBT guidelines

Sikaflex Pro-3 is no longer available in 300ml cartridges and is now supplied in more practical and economic 600 ml / cc foil sausages for application in standard bulk sealant guns (barrelled). We normally prefer to supply Sikaflex Pro-3 in boxes of 20 sausages for optimum protection, ease of packaging and transport.

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