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Solvent-Free Epoxy Resin Floor Paints
High performance, solvent free epoxy resin floor paints are used to provide high build, durable floor paint coatings in all sorts of flooring applications where their high wear and abrasion and / or their good to excellent chemical resistance is required.

Solvent-free epoxy resin floor paints are undoubtedly the highest performance and most durable of all floor paints. These are the ones that are predominently used by professional, specialist floor painting contractors.

However with care and by following the guidelines on their individual Product Data Sheets, they can also be used for many other commercial and industrial floor painting projects, with the same high performance requirements.

We can always assist General Builders and competent maintenace teams or DIY customers to do this where appropriate and sensible to do so, by providing additional support and advice throughout the project from our flooring specialists.

Solvent free epoxy floor paints are suitable to produce flooring systems to accomodate the use by and exposure to, all types of foot and vehicular traffic - again in accordance with the recommendations and limitations given on their individual Product Data Sheets.

Our floor painting specialists will be happy to talk you through their application - Or if you prefer, to put you in touch with local floor painting specialists who can do the work for you - usually on larger projects this is the most efficient and cost effective way.

Sikagard 62
Sikagard 62 is the best high build, solvent free epoxy resin based floor and wall coating paint and coating available in the UK, it is particularly widely used by our professional flooring and walling contractors in food and drink factories, fish farms and public aquariums, for both floor painting, wall coating and tank linings. This is because it is uniquely DWI Approved for use in contact with potable (drinking) water - which means that it is safe for use in contact, or application in the close vicinity of foodstuffs - And also it is safe for use in contact with water containing marine or aquatic life when it has fully cured - hence it's widespread use in Aquaculture for fish farming and in moden Public Aquariums.

It is actually the blue green coaing visible in the shark tank at the London Aquarium.

Sikagard 62 has very good abrasion and chemical resistance for all sorts of industrial and agricultural floor and wall painting applications.

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Sikagard 63N
Sikagard 63N is a highly chemically resistant floor and wall coating paint that is also very tough and abrasion resistant. It is most commonly used by professional flooring and walling contractors for floor painting in chemical storage or bunded containment areas, forklift battery charging areas or any other floors where its high chemical resistance and mechanical performance is required.

Competent General Builders and DIY'ers can also use this product when they have exposed concrete, screed or cement render suraces in aggressive, or potentially aggressive areas that need the best, highly chemically resistant floor paint or protective coating - It is important to ensure that you follow the instructions on the PDS (available to download below) and that you have a proper resin floor and wall coating mixing paddle and use sturdy resin painting brushes or rollers (these are also also available in the Tools and Accessories section of this Online shop).

The standard colour is now Light Grey, with Dark Red and Green colour shades that can be provided to special order - please call one of our offices if these colours are required.

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Remmers CR Epoxy
A good general purpose, chemical and abrasion resistant, solvent free epoxy resin floor paint, available in a wide range of colours as well as our standard colour - silver grey (RAL 7001)

. Remmers CR Epoxy is very useful for forklift or truck battery storage area floors, or indeed many other industrial processing, storage or containment area floors, including any upstands that also need protecting. Suitable for both Professional and DIY use - always use a professional resin mixing paddle - avaiable in the 'Tools and Accessories' section of this website.

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Sikafloor 264
Sikafloor 264 is undoubtedly the best multi-purpose, coloured, high build, solvent free epoxy resin floor paint on the market!

Sikafloor 264 is widely used for all types of factory, commercial and other facilities including heavily used car park decks, particulalry by the biggest and best specialist industrial flooring contractors in the UK and Europe. It is now available to order in almost any colour from us at BuyFloorpaints (within 3-5 days) in addition to our standard colour range from stock.

Sikafloor 264 can be used as a high build floor paint with up to around 0.5 mm thickness in a single application - although two coats or a priming coat such as Sikafloor 156 solvent free expoxy primer, applied first, is always the best approach to ensure a uniform thickness and the best performance. With the addition of graded quartz sand or Polypropyles beads it is excellent for producing non slip and skid resistant floor paints (also known as anti-slip or anti-skid floor paints), plus with the addition of fine quartz it produces excellent self-smoothing floors (usually done by professionals in food, pharmaceutucal or automotive plants for example)

Overall the best 'all round' solvent free epoxy resin floor paint and the professional contractors product of choice - Now available for you as well!

Please type the colour reference that you require from the RAL or BS4800 Colour Charts
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Sikafloor 161
Sikafloor 161 is a fast setting, solvent-free, epoxy resin binder that can be used as a primer for resin floor systems, or extended with fine, kiln dried, silica or quartz sand to level and or repair damaged areas of concrete floors.

It is particularly usful when a larger area of concrete floor surface has to be repaired quickly, prior to overcoating the area with a resin floor paint, or any other type of resin floor finish.

The sikafloor 161 is mixed with an electric mixing paddle and then kiln-dried, fine silica or quartz sand of an appropriate grading is added(typically 0.1 - 0.9mm or similar), to achieve the desired consistence and flow for application and filling of the surface damage or defects. Typically a mix ratio of between 1:1 and 1:4 parts by weight (pbw) is used of Sikafloor 161 resin (A+B) and the silica or quartz sand.

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