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Polyurethane (PU) Resin Floor Paints
True polyurethane floor paints, or PU floor paints as they are also known, are available in both one and two component floor paint types. They are generally used for specialist industrial flooring and painting applications where they can have important application and/or performance advantages, such as extremely high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and steam cleanability or moisture tolerance in refurbishment.

However they can all also have significant difficulties in their application and application conditions - For example the best single pack materials are solvent based - which has Health & Safety restrictions; plus these are extremely sensitive to any residual moisture in the floor, or to condensation forming on them before they are cured.

The two component materials are usually more moisture tolerant, but can also have additional H & S limitations due to their isocyanate content, plus they can need special handling or equipment for their sucessful installation.

As a result we do not provide 'true' polyurethane floor paints for general public sale on this website - But if you think that a specialist polurethane or 'PU' Floor may be the right choice for your project - such as in the refurbishing an existing wet area floor in a food factory for example, then please call any of our offices and out floor painting experts will be able to advise and assist you.

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