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Tools and Accessories
We are gradually including an increased selection of tools and accessories on the BuyFloorPaint website in response to our customers demand for an easy and convenient source of good quality tools and equipment that is 'up to the floor painting job' - unlike the poor quality 'general purpose items' usually found in Builders Merchants. Additionally if you do not see exactly what you need here at the moment, than again please give any of our offices a call, one of our floor painting specialists will be pleased to assist you.

Remmers ADD 250
Easy to use anti-slip, anti-skid additive, based on hard but light weight polymer beads that can be added to epoxy resin floor paints to improve their slip reistance / skid resistance and profile. Yet they allow the floor to still maintain its cleanability of the resin coating system, unlike the denser, rougher quartz sand that is sometimes used, but which always tends to sink to the bottom, or produces a very rough surface that can be extremely abrasive (dangerous to the skin) - And very difficult to clean.

To use, just add the Remmers ADD 250 beads into your selected epoxy resin floor paint as you mix the two components - and then 'paint' the floor as normal. The beads will be evenly dispersed in the coating giving an attractive sealed, finished protective coloured coating that is easy to clean and no where near as tough on the skin as sand broadcast additives - Very useful in shower rooms and changing facilities, other recreation rooms or childrens areas for example.

The plastic tub packs of 0.25 kgs each, are each designed to be sufficent for adding to a 5 litre / 5kg tin of our epoxy resin floor paints - 2 coats are still advisable to ensure that a sealed surace with a uniform coverage and texture is achieved.

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Floor Paint Mixing Paddle
A specially designed 2 part resin floor paint mixing paddle with a 10mm chuck (fits most reasonable electric drills).

These paddles ensure that you investment in a well performing floor paint is achieved, by ensuring that the 2 components are thoroughly mixed and that they can be applied easily and correctly. Follow the mixing and application instructions on the relevant 2 component epoxy floor painting products PDS.

Note - these mixing paddles are also ideal for the efficient mixing of many other forms of mortars, such as pourable epoxy and cement grouts and waterproofing and tanking slurries etc.

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Double Arm Epoxy Roller Frame (25cm)
High Quality 250mm Double Arm Roller Frame, for use with High Quality 250mm Floor Paint Rollers (Medium Pile Nylon Epoxy Rollers are normally best for floor paint applications - Also available from this website).

This roller frame can be used with any wooden or plastic 'broom handle' or other suitable handle inserted into the frame to suit your application.

Easy to assemble / disassemble and clean for re-use.

Important Note - Rollers are not included with the frame - Please order rollers seperately - it is normally best to allow a new roller for each coat to be applied - particularly with epoxy resin based paints, as these are much 'stickier' than normal paints.

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Nylon Epoxy Roller Sleeve 25cm
High Quality 250mm Medium Pile Nylon Floor Paint Roller - Ideal for use with the Double Arm Roller Frame also available from this website.

Tip - It is normally best to allow a new roller for each coat of floor paint to be applied - especially with epoxy resin based floor paints, as these are much 'stickier' than normal paints.

Important Note: The roller frame is not included - Please order the 250mm Double Arm Roller Frame also available from this website.

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Plastic Roller Handle 25cm
Plastic Paint Roller Handle - suitable and reusable for 25cm Paint Sleeves and can be used to apply all of the floor paints available on the BuyFloorPaint website,

May be extended with standard brush / broom handles or extending / telescopic paint roller handles.

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Sealant Bulk Barrel Gun (for 600ml Sausages)
Sealant bulk barrel gun for the application of 600ml foil suasages of one compnetn floor joint sealants such as Sikaflex-Pro-3
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