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Floor Repairs
Floor repairs are sometimes necessary before applying a floor paint, as otherwise any damage or imperfections in the surface will be reflected through and even highlighted by the new floor paint. Floor repairs are also frequently required after damage caused by traffic and other mechanical wear or imapct, plus there can be damage due to cracks or the breakdown of floor joint arrises (the joint edges).

At buyfloorpaint we can advise on detailed solutions for all types of floor repairs where these are necessary prior to painting the floor - Please refer to the special sections in our main website on 'Floor Cleaning and Preparation for Floor Painting' (click and follow the tab on the left hand side of the page).

'Polyfilla' type materials from DIY Stores and the like are totaly unsuitable and these will only 'pop-out' again shortly after you have completed your new floor painting job. DO NOT EVER USE THIS TYPE OF FILLER FOR FLOOR REPAIRS.

Sand and cement premixed products, or sand and cement mortars mixed on site can be used, but only when the prepared concrete is thoroughly pre-wetted, and then the finished repairs must also be kept damp, covered and cured correctly - Unfortunately this will also delay the floor painting work by at least a week, and even up to a a month or more; in order to allow the concrete to dry out again and be suitable to accept a floor paint .

However in most situations where there is minor damage or voids in the floor, or localised areas of damage in the concrete floor surface, then the best and easiest pre-treatment before painting, is for these to be filled and made good using a fast curing epoxy resin based adhesive mortar. One of the best products to use for this is Sikadur 31 Mortar. This 2-component epoxy resin mortar is easily mixed in the tin, then applied by trowel or spatuala to fill the voids and repair the damage. if there are deeper holes needing thicker layers then the mortar can be extended and made even more cost effective, by the addition of fine kiln dried quartz sand.

Alternatively use our complete Epoxy Floor Repair Kit which comes in a single 10kg pail containing the resin and hardener in unique easy to mix packaging, plus the correct amount of aggregate filler, even a pair of gloves (should always be worn to use epoxy materials)and a brush to apply some of the mixed resin as a primer / tack-coat on the surface.

For larger areas of concrete floor surface damage, it is often also cost effective to use Sikafloor 161, fast-setting, solvent-free epoxy resin binder, mixed from 1:3 up to 1:6 by weight with kiln dried, graded silica or quartz sand. This is the applied by 'flow-application' over the damaged areas of the surface using the edge of a trowel, or with a squeegee blade.

The floor painting works can then proceed quickly and without delay the very next day (even later the same day in heated areas).

Sikadur 31 GB Rapid
SikaDur 31 GB Rapid is a 2 component, solvent free, epoxy resin based adhesive mortar that is ideal for repairing all types of floor surface defects and damage, including static (non-moving) crack sealing and joint arris / edge re-building applications. It can even be used at low temperatures and will continue to harden when the temperature increases, so over-painting may have to wait a little longer in any un-heated areas.

It is also suitable for use on the floors in areas used for contact with foodstuffs and livestock, even for use in direct contact with drinking water once hardened, as Sikadur 31 is DWI approved for contact with potable / drinking water.

SikaDur 31 GB Rapid is ideal for both Professional Contractor and DIY use, with almost unlimited applications in localised defect repair and void filling, prior to the floor painting work itself. It is ideal for filling almost any types of surface defect or damage, quickly and securely - Every contractor should probably keep a tin in the van!

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Sikafloor 161
Sikafloor 161 is a fast setting, solvent-free, epoxy resin binder that can be used as a primer for resin floor systems, or extended with fine, kiln dried, silica or quartz sand to level and or repair damaged areas of concrete floors.

It is particularly usful when a larger area of concrete floor surface has to be repaired quickly, prior to overcoating the area with a resin floor paint, or any other type of resin floor finish.

The sikafloor 161 is mixed with an electric mixing paddle and then kiln-dried, fine silica or quartz sand of an appropriate grading is added(typically 0.1 - 0.9mm or similar), to achieve the desired consistence and flow for application and filling of the surface damage or defects. Typically a mix ratio of between 1:1 and 1:4 parts by weight (pbw) is used of Sikafloor 161 resin (A+B) and the silica or quartz sand.

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Sikadur 33
Sikadur 33 is a 2-component epoxy resin that is used to seal and bond cracks, fill voids, fix dowel bars and many other resin injection, adhesive bonding and sealing applications on site.

Sikadur-33 is supplied in a clever single 250ml cartridge that is designed to fit into a standard sealant gun. It is then simply gun applied and mixed as it is extruded through the static-mixing nozzle that is supplied with each cartridge.

This product is so useful that most of our professional contracting customers keep a few cartridges in the van ready to solve all manner of everday problems on site. Therefore it also has 1001 uses for the DIY enthusiast as well.

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Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix kit
Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix kit for fast permanent floor repairs including patch repairs, surface defects, joint arris repairs, coving and door thresholds etc.

Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix is suitable for early loading as it cures in 1 hour at 20° C and in only 2 hours at 10° C, it is still rapid hardening at substrate temperaturet down to +4°C. 

Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix is an “All Inclusive Kit”– no extra costs for primers.

Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix is time saving – because work can continue almost immediately.

Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix is easy to use – like cement-based systems and there should be no mixing errors, because the epoxy resin and filler components are prebatched and the two resin components are easily mixed together before the filler component is added - just mix to a smooth and homogeneous consistency,no additional weighing or measuring required. Economic and very very fast! 

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