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Wall Coatings
Wall Coatings can also be described as ‘Resin Paints for Walls’, which are required because as with concrete floors and cement floor screeds, many of the basic materials used for the construction of walls, ceilings and other surfaces in industrial buildings, medical and leisure facilities etc., do not generally provide internal surfaces themselves that are hygienic or easily and thoroughly cleaned.

This is a particular problem for walls and surfaces in ‘hygienic’ environments, such as food and drink processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics production, medical and healthcare or leisure facilities for instance. Walls made from concrete, cement render, gypsum and blockwork surfaces are all generally porous and also difficult to clean thoroughly, which makes them susceptible to mould and bacteria growth.

Wall surfaces and the other internal surfaces in these hygienic environments therefore need to be finished and protected so that they can be kept in the required conditions of cleanliness. The easiest and also the most widely established and proven method of doing this is with ‘hygienic wall coatings'.

Additionally there are many other requirements for 'Wall Coatings' in different types of buildings and structures including high chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, or special demands such as approval for contact with potable (drinking) water i.e DWI Approval.If you are not sure of the best product for your project, please refer to the 'Wall Coatings Product Selection Guide' on the Wall Coatings Page of this website, or call any of our offices for advice.

When you know the wall coating that you require, please just scroll down to the product(s) you require.

Steridex (now Sikagard 203W)
Steridex (now also known as Sikagard-203W)is a tough, highly durable, and matt, acrylic resin based decorative coating which protects against the growth of micro-organisms such as mould, fungi, yeasts and bacteria. Its anti-microbial system does not leach out, unlike those of traditional fungicidal paints, and it therefore remains safe and active throughout the life of the product.

Steridex is highly elastomeric - expanding and contracting with thermal movements of the substrate - and it has a vapour permeable structure, which allows damp substrates to dry out without causing blistering or loss of adhesion. Fire Resistance Rated class 0, according to BS 476 Part 6 & 7.

Steridex is backed by an extensive international track record of well over 25 years during which time it has been proven ideal for use on walls and ceilings in many different types of industry and facility. Steridex cures to a high build film, which provides a tough and durable membrane that will withstand harsh cleaning agents and other chemicals, allowing facility owners to comply with even the most stringent hygiene related legislation.

Steridex can be reinforced with Reemat Decco glass fibre fabric reinforcing matting for additional strength and durability.

White and standard colours are available to order below. Steridex is available in additional / special colours, but these will be subject to minimum quatntities and additional cost; if you would like Steridex in a special colour, or if your want large quantities, please call any of our offices and one of our specialists will assist you.

The Steridex system is approved and has been used extensively by a wide range of National Authorities including the British Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the French Institut d'Analyses et d'Essais en Chimie de l'Ouest (IANESCO) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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Sika Bonding Primer
Sika Bonding primer is a clear, water dispersed, epoxy resin based primer for many different Sikagard wall coatings coatings, including Steridex, Sterisheen and Sterisept, on medium to highly porous substrates.

Sika Bonding Primer is used to improve, penetrate and seal the surface of the walls before application of the hygienic wall coating which eliminates and seals pores and capillaries and allows the optimum dry film formation of the selected hygienic wall coating.

The use of Sika Bonding primer is an extremely cost effective method of ensuring a sealed and stable substrate to ensure that you can provide a hygienic wall coating system that is also extremely durable with a long service life.

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Biosheen (now Sikagard-207W)
LPL Biosheen is now called Sikagard-207W and is a single component, coloured, waterborne, modified acrylic resin based internal wall, ceiling and other surfaces hygienic coating containing an inorganic in-film preservative.

Biosheen (now Sikagard-207W)is used for concrete, cement based and gypsum substrates and thoroughly cleaned previously painted surfaces.

Biosheen (now Sikagard-207W) is suitable for clean rooms in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, the food and beverage industries, hospitals, commercial kitchens, prisons and all sorts of leisure facilities, where it provides basic hygiene protection for large areas.

Biosheen (now Sikagard-207W)is easy to apply, fast drying to allow two coats in one working day, the dry coating film is elastomeric and resists cracking and flaking. Biosheen has good resistance to repeated cleaning using standard mild detergents and cleaning solutions, it has good water vapour permeability and provides a seamless, easily cleaned surface with a mid-sheen finish.

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Mould Protect
Mould Protect coating from Remmers is a high quality interior coating for concrete cement and gypsum rendered surfaces for walls and ceings in rooms that are at risk from mould and other fungal growth, or are already infested, e.g. in basement living rooms and bedrooms, children's rooms, schools, kindergartens, offices, storage rooms, hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities and also areas for people sensitive to mould (children,other people with allergies).

Mould Protect is a high quality interior paint with micro-silver pigments and a a coordinated formulation, with high resistance to mould growth abd fungal infestation. Mould Protect is formulated to be water dispersed and is based on a pure acrylate resin, it has good opacity and hiding power, producing a uniformly matt surface. Mould Protect is also permeable to water vapour diffusion, it is hard wearing and scrub resistant (wet abrasion class 2 according to EN 13300).

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Sterisheen Ultra (now Sikagard 205W)
Sterisheen Ultra is a tough, acrylic resin based, mid-sheen wall coating which, like other Sika LPL hygiene control coatings, contains a non-leaching anti-microbial system. Sterisheen Ultra cures without any strong odour to an attractive, mid-sheen finish (Classified as “mid sheen” to BS EN 13300:2001), which is easy to clean and resistant to attack by abrasives and other cleaning agents.

Sterisheen Ultra will tolerate thermal movement without cracking, splitting or flaking and, due to its inherent vapour permeability that allows residual substrate moisture or moisture ingress from other surfaces to escape without causing blisters beneath the cured film. Fire Resistance Rated class 0, acc. BS 476 Part 6 & 7. Sterisheen Ultracan be reinforced with Reemat Decco glass fibre fabric reinforcing matting for additional strength and durability.

White and standard colours are available to order below. Sterisheen Ultra is available in additional / special colours, but these will be subject to minimum quatntities and additional cost; if you would like Sterisheen Ultra in a special colour, or if your want large quantities, please call any of our offices and one of our specialists will assist you.

Sterisheen Ultra is suitable for use over internal walls and ceilings - without the need for primers on surfaces that are not highly porous. The Sterisheen Ultra wall coating system can also be used in process and production areas where it is important to maintain positive pressure.

Sterisheen Ultra is colour stable, resists UV induced embrittlement and dries so rapidly that two coats can often be applied on the same working day.

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Sterisept (now also known as Sikagard-307W)
Sterisept (now also known as Sikagard-307W)is a single pack, gloss finish, waterborne polyurethane based coating which is designed to enable premises to be occupied as soon as possible after application. Sterisept develops its strength and other key physical properties extremely quickly and cures without the release of harmful solvents or heavy odour - ensuring that working routines suffer minimal disruption. Sterisept is generally self-priming and its fast curing properties allow two coats to be applied on the same day.

The Sterisept coating is waterproof and yet permeable to water vapur to prevent any potential blistering or peeling of the coating from residual moisture, or moisture ingess from other surfaces. Sterisept incorporates an effective, non-toxic anti-microbial system which protects against the growth of micro-organisms. It achieves a dense finish which is tough, flexible and highly tolerant of abrasives and other harsh cleaning agents.

As a result Sterisept is ideal for use wherever hygiene is a priority, but where production or services must continue whilst the application is undertaken, without discomfort or disruption to the staff, or fear of tainting foodstuffs in production nearby for example.

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BS 2000
BS 2000 Clear
BS 2000 Clear is a clear, 2 component, fast curing, water dispersed epoxy resin based floor and wall coating paint for sealing, priming and coating concrete and other porous surfaces. It is used to prevent dusting, water penetration or chemical attack, plus as a good penetrative primer.

Normally for sealing concrete surfaces 2 coats are recommended on to the clean, dry and prepared surfaces, at a consumption of approximately 6 square metres per kg per coat, dependent on the porosity

It provides a high performance epoxy sealer to produce easily cleaned concrete and render surfaces, or high performance clear, protective and non-dusting, ultra-hygienic wall coatings.

BS 2000 Clear is also frequently used as an economical surface sealing primer for other floor paints and resin materials - especially for the BS 3000 SG high build, coloured, water dispersed epoxy floor and wall coating (also available on this website).

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BS 3000
BS 3000 SG
BS 3000 SG is undoubtedly the 'state of the art' in water based epoxy floor and wall coating paints. It is the best product available anywhere on the market - and it is available at a competitive price from NCC BuyFloorPaints shop because of our huge floor and wall coating paint buying power.

BS 3000 SG is a new generation of water based floor and wall coating which is high build (approx 100 microns per coat), fast curing (TOUCH DRY IN ONLY 2 HOURS, LIGHT FOOT TRAFFIC On FLOORS IN ONLY 6 HOURS @ 20C), plus it is very tough, has good chemical resistance and good wear / abrasion resistance - Importantly it is also inherently strong enough to be used to produce non slip / anti skid floor paints, by the simple addition of Remmers ADD 250 polymer beads (also available in the 'Tools & Accessories' Category section of this website)- These are easily added into the mixed components immediately prior to application.

BS 3000 SG is fast becoming the Professional Contractors 'product of choice' for all sorts of industrial / factory / commercial floor and wall painting requirements.

Because it is so durable, safe and easy to use, it is also ideal for use by General Builders and our competent DIY customers for almost unlimited applications in floor painting, both indoors and outdoors

BS 3000 SG is also absolutely the best and most ideal product for sealing and protecting both domestic and commercial garage floors!

BS 3000 SG is available in a range of standard colours from our stock, plus it can be produced to order in almost any RAL or BS 4800 colour (normally within 2 working days from your order) - just visit our website Colour Chart page, select the colour you require, and then enter its reference number, together with the BS 3000 SG pack size and quantities you require, in the relevant boxes below

Any questions or for additional assistance just call any of our offices and one of our floor and wall painting specialists will be pleased to assist you.

Please type the colour reference that you require from the RAL or BS4800 Colour Charts
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Sikagard 62
Sikagard 62 is the best high build, solvent free epoxy resin based floor and wall coating paint and coating available in the UK, it is particularly widely used by our professional flooring and walling contractors in food and drink factories, fish farms and public aquariums, for both floor painting, wall coating and tank linings. This is because it is uniquely DWI Approved for use in contact with potable (drinking) water - which means that it is safe for use in contact, or application in the close vicinity of foodstuffs - And also it is safe for use in contact with water containing marine or aquatic life when it has fully cured - hence it's widespread use in Aquaculture for fish farming and in moden Public Aquariums.

It is actually the blue green coaing visible in the shark tank at the London Aquarium.

Sikagard 62 has very good abrasion and chemical resistance for all sorts of industrial and agricultural floor and wall painting applications.

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Sikagard 63N
Sikagard 63N is a highly chemically resistant floor and wall coating paint that is also very tough and abrasion resistant. It is most commonly used by professional flooring and walling contractors for floor painting in chemical storage or bunded containment areas, forklift battery charging areas or any other floors where its high chemical resistance and mechanical performance is required.

Competent General Builders and DIY'ers can also use this product when they have exposed concrete, screed or cement render suraces in aggressive, or potentially aggressive areas that need the best, highly chemically resistant floor paint or protective coating - It is important to ensure that you follow the instructions on the PDS (available to download below) and that you have a proper resin floor and wall coating mixing paddle and use sturdy resin painting brushes or rollers (these are also also available in the Tools and Accessories section of this Online shop).

The standard colour is now Light Grey, with Dark Red and Green colour shades that can be provided to special order - please call one of our offices if these colours are required.

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Sikagard-Wallcoat is a two part, coloured, water dispersed, epoxy resin based hygienic wall coating. Sikagard-Wallcoat is used as a coloured, hygienic coating for wall, ceilings and other internal building surfaces, normally concrete or cement based renders.

Sikagard-Wallcoat is suitable for production facilities, storage and logistic areas etc.

Sikagard-Wallcoat has good chemical and mechanical resistance, good bond on damp surfaces, good opacity and it is water vapour permeable to prevent blistering by allowing the esape of any residual moisture or moistureingress from other surfaces.

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Sikafloor 2530W
Sikafloor 2530W is an extremely cost effective, water based epoxy resin floor paint, available in a limited range of grey colours that are ideal for use in many domestic and light industrial floor painting applications, such as in garages, workshops, factories and warehouses etc. This product is good value and gives professional results at the lowest price per square metre for a good high build water dispersed floor paint.

Sikafloor 2530W can also be used as a wall coating for rendered wall surfaces in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical / medical facilities, becuase it provides a hygienic and easily cleaned surface (this is normlly in white, which is available by special order).

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