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Remmers are one of Europes leading floor paint manufacturers with outstanding applications of the latest water based, environmentally friendly technologies that have been developed in their floor paint range.

Remmers produce a unique range of coloured, water dispersed, fast curing acrylic and epoxy resin based, protective floor coatings, deck coating systems and façade paints that are ideal for use by professional contractors, plus our competent DIY customers.

BS 2000
BS 2000 Clear
BS 2000 Clear is a clear, 2 component, fast curing, water dispersed epoxy resin based floor and wall coating paint for sealing, priming and coating concrete and other porous surfaces. It is used to prevent dusting, water penetration or chemical attack, plus as a good penetrative primer.

Normally for sealing concrete surfaces 2 coats are recommended on to the clean, dry and prepared surfaces, at a consumption of approximately 6 square metres per kg per coat, dependent on the porosity

It provides a high performance epoxy sealer to produce easily cleaned concrete and render surfaces, or high performance clear, protective and non-dusting, ultra-hygienic wall coatings.

BS 2000 Clear is also frequently used as an economical surface sealing primer for other floor paints and resin materials - especially for the BS 3000 SG high build, coloured, water dispersed epoxy floor and wall coating (also available on this website).

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BS 3000
BS 3000 SG
BS 3000 SG is undoubtedly the 'state of the art' in water based epoxy floor and wall coating paints. It is the best product available anywhere on the market - and it is available at a competitive price from NCC BuyFloorPaints shop because of our huge floor and wall coating paint buying power.

BS 3000 SG is a new generation of water based floor and wall coating which is high build (approx 100 microns per coat), fast curing (TOUCH DRY IN ONLY 2 HOURS, LIGHT FOOT TRAFFIC On FLOORS IN ONLY 6 HOURS @ 20C), plus it is very tough, has good chemical resistance and good wear / abrasion resistance - Importantly it is also inherently strong enough to be used to produce non slip / anti skid floor paints, by the simple addition of Remmers ADD 250 polymer beads (also available in the 'Tools & Accessories' Category section of this website)- These are easily added into the mixed components immediately prior to application.

BS 3000 SG is fast becoming the Professional Contractors 'product of choice' for all sorts of industrial / factory / commercial floor and wall painting requirements.

Because it is so durable, safe and easy to use, it is also ideal for use by General Builders and our competent DIY customers for almost unlimited applications in floor painting, both indoors and outdoors

BS 3000 SG is also absolutely the best and most ideal product for sealing and protecting both domestic and commercial garage floors!

BS 3000 SG is available in a range of standard colours from our stock, plus it can be produced to order in almost any RAL or BS 4800 colour (normally within 2 working days from your order) - just visit our website Colour Chart page, select the colour you require, and then enter its reference number, together with the BS 3000 SG pack size and quantities you require, in the relevant boxes below

Any questions or for additional assistance just call any of our offices and one of our floor and wall painting specialists will be pleased to assist you.

Please type the colour reference that you require from the RAL or BS4800 Colour Charts
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Remmers CR Epoxy
A good general purpose, chemical and abrasion resistant, solvent free epoxy resin floor paint, available in a wide range of colours as well as our standard colour - silver grey (RAL 7001)

. Remmers CR Epoxy is very useful for forklift or truck battery storage area floors, or indeed many other industrial processing, storage or containment area floors, including any upstands that also need protecting. Suitable for both Professional and DIY use - always use a professional resin mixing paddle - avaiable in the 'Tools and Accessories' section of this website.

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Remmers ADD 250
Easy to use anti-slip, anti-skid additive, based on hard but light weight polymer beads that can be added to epoxy resin floor paints to improve their slip reistance / skid resistance and profile. Yet they allow the floor to still maintain its cleanability of the resin coating system, unlike the denser, rougher quartz sand that is sometimes used, but which always tends to sink to the bottom, or produces a very rough surface that can be extremely abrasive (dangerous to the skin) - And very difficult to clean.

To use, just add the Remmers ADD 250 beads into your selected epoxy resin floor paint as you mix the two components - and then 'paint' the floor as normal. The beads will be evenly dispersed in the coating giving an attractive sealed, finished protective coloured coating that is easy to clean and no where near as tough on the skin as sand broadcast additives - Very useful in shower rooms and changing facilities, other recreation rooms or childrens areas for example.

The plastic tub packs of 0.25 kgs each, are each designed to be sufficent for adding to a 5 litre / 5kg tin of our epoxy resin floor paints - 2 coats are still advisable to ensure that a sealed surace with a uniform coverage and texture is achieved.

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Floor Paint Mixing Paddle
A specially designed 2 part resin floor paint mixing paddle with a 10mm chuck (fits most reasonable electric drills).

These paddles ensure that you investment in a well performing floor paint is achieved, by ensuring that the 2 components are thoroughly mixed and that they can be applied easily and correctly. Follow the mixing and application instructions on the relevant 2 component epoxy floor painting products PDS.

Note - these mixing paddles are also ideal for the efficient mixing of many other forms of mortars, such as pourable epoxy and cement grouts and waterproofing and tanking slurries etc.

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Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix kit
Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix kit for fast permanent floor repairs including patch repairs, surface defects, joint arris repairs, coving and door thresholds etc.

Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix is suitable for early loading as it cures in 1 hour at 20° C and in only 2 hours at 10° C, it is still rapid hardening at substrate temperaturet down to +4°C. 

Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix is an “All Inclusive Kit”– no extra costs for primers.

Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix is time saving – because work can continue almost immediately.

Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix is easy to use – like cement-based systems and there should be no mixing errors, because the epoxy resin and filler components are prebatched and the two resin components are easily mixed together before the filler component is added - just mix to a smooth and homogeneous consistency,no additional weighing or measuring required. Economic and very very fast! 

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Mould Protect
Mould Protect coating from Remmers is a high quality interior coating for concrete cement and gypsum rendered surfaces for walls and ceings in rooms that are at risk from mould and other fungal growth, or are already infested, e.g. in basement living rooms and bedrooms, children's rooms, schools, kindergartens, offices, storage rooms, hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities and also areas for people sensitive to mould (children,other people with allergies).

Mould Protect is a high quality interior paint with micro-silver pigments and a a coordinated formulation, with high resistance to mould growth abd fungal infestation. Mould Protect is formulated to be water dispersed and is based on a pure acrylate resin, it has good opacity and hiding power, producing a uniformly matt surface. Mould Protect is also permeable to water vapour diffusion, it is hard wearing and scrub resistant (wet abrasion class 2 according to EN 13300).

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