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Polyurethane Resin Floor Paint - Online Shop

Polyurethane Resin Floor Paint, or PU Floor Paints as they are often known, are also available in different types; there are categories of both one and two component materials, and both categories can include, solvent based and water based PU floor painting products. There are also solvent free PU Floor Paints and these are all two-component.

One Component Polyurethane (PU) Floor Paint:

- Water based, One-component Polyurethane (PU) Floor Paint: The single pack, water based (water dispersed) type of polyurethane floor painting products are not of sufficiently good performance and durability for Buy Floor Paints to recommend them over the excellent water based epoxy resin floor paint products that are now available for most applications – particularly as 'genuine' 100% polyurethane floor paints are also so much more expensive and very sensitive in application to moisture (i.e. condensation) and the permeability of the concrete substrate.

- Solvent based, One-component Polyurethane (PU) Floor Paint: The solvent based single pack type of polyurethane floor paints do work well, but they have all of the same application difficulties and restrictions for their use as the solvent based epoxy floor painting products. I.e. They contain high levels of VOC’s that are released into the air, during their application on the floor, which are of course potentially dangerous, hazardous to health and toxic to the environment, or at best very inconvenient. Therefore at
Polyurethane Resin Floor Paints
this time we do we do not recommend solvent containing polyurethane resin floor paints for most internal applications on floors. - Although we regularly supply them for external use due to their tolerance of low temperatures during application and drying / hardening, for sealing block paving for example – These systems are available on our sister site This is designed for our paving and landscaping contractor’s support and supply.

On the positive side, one-component, solvent based polyurethane resin floor paints (or PU floor paints) can - have particularly good abrasion resistance and good chemical resistance to hydrocarbon based liquids.

However, as with all of the single component PU products, satisfactory performance and their properties on the floor are dependent on the floor paint achieving adequate penetration, as they bond through the capillaries of the concrete surface, rather than through direct adhesion – The surface preparation and a minimum moisture content of the concrete are therefore also critical issues to avoid any future problems, such as delamination, plus all one component PU floor painting products are moisture-sensitive and cannot be used on damp floors or in areas subject to condensation.

Two-component Polyurethane (PU) Floor Paint

Two component PU floor paints also all generally have excellent wear and chemical resistance, they can also be applied and bond directly on to dense substrates. Their major drawback however is still always cost – As the materials are very much more expensive than 2-part epoxy resin floor paints.

However two component PU floor paints are also sensitive to any residual moisture / dampness in the concrete, or condensation in dew point conditions during preparation, application and curing, which can lead to a lack of adhesion, blistering and peeling - rather risky for anyone other than experienced specialist contractors we feel?

On balance because of the health and application, limitations and risks, NCC Buy Floor Paints has decided not to provide polyurethane floor paints online, nor would we recommend them for use by anyone other than experienced professionals.

Please Note: This summary concerns Polyurethane Floor paints and does not relate to the highly chemically, temperature and abrasion resistant 3- part modified cement based screed systems such as Sikafloor Purcem and the BASF Ucrete range of materials. These PU Flooring materials are again a special type of resin flooring which are designed for application by trained and experienced professional contractors with the right equipment. There are more details on our sister website for technical resin flooring available at

If you think that the high performance characteristics of special 1 or 2 component, 100% polyurethane floor paints or other PU Flooring systems such as Purcem may be advantageous for your project, please call any of our offices and one of our technical flooring specialists will be happy to assist and advise you.
For FREE Expert Advice or Assistance Call Any of Our Offices and Our Floor Painting Specialists will be Pleased to Help.

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